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Book Review: Wines of the Southern Hemisphere, The Complete Guide

Malbec is from Argentina, Carmenere is from Chile, and Shiraz is from Australia. Oh, New Zealand makes good Sauvignon Blanc, and South Africa produces a brooding wine you can’t find anywhere else called Pinotage. What more do you need to know about wines from the Southern Hemisphere? Turns out, there’s plenty more to discover from […]

“Windows on the World Complete Wine Course” by Kevin Zraly –Sponsored Book Review by (PB)

When I was asked if was willing to review this book I sighed a bit because my first thought with most new non-fiction works is, “C’mon it’s been said and done a hundred times over already…” But………….I resigned myself to doing it and I’m glad I did. This is a comprehensive wine “course” set out […]

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