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Smith Woodhouse Late Bottled Vintage Port 2000 wine review by (PB)

Gentle, elegant sweet red fruit aromas with touches of cassis and prune. Palate–Very soft presence with nice elegant raisiny flavors and a surprise hint of red chili peppers. Unusual and delightful. At $25, a nice treat so raise a glass! –A Review from The Wine Cask Blog. Creative Commons: Attribution – ShareAlike 2.5 applies View […]

Feist Vintage Port 1997 Wine Review (NW)

Tasting notes: Very dry bouquet on the nose of dry earth, fennel, and cherry liqueur Full bodied and firm on the palate Long finish of prune, cherry, and pepper Summary: Vintage Port is always a treat! PB (0f The Wine Cask Blog) supplied this bottle at a holiday gathering and we enjoyed it over two […]

Cockburn’s Ruby Port review by (PB)

If you haven’t explored the world of Port for Pete’s sake do so! Port–real port from Portugal will be called Porto or Oporto on the label and no where else in the world is port made that is worth drinking. Australia has tried with minimal success and California produces only one port wine worth mentioning […]

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