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WINE!!…Traverse Bay Cherry Wine tasting…and bloopers:))

WINE!!…Traverse Bay Cherry Wine tasting…and bloopers:)) Check out my facebook page and like…if you like:)) Follow me on Twitter!! Lumberman2011 sent me two bottles of wine to review from his home state of Michigan. This is the cherry wine from Traverse Bay Winery. Cindy from SoulSurvivorx2 stopped by and helped me out with […]

Boone’s Farm Wine Reviews

Boone's Farm Wine Reviews Take a magical walk down memory lane with The Kincaids as they review their personal favorites from the good people at Boone's Farm.If you listen closely,you will be able to hear a sneak preview of some newly recorded music from The Kincaids. From: thekincaids Views: 442 4 ratings Time: 17:21 More […]

Get your toe out of my wine!

The other day during a conversation about music I stated that I could probably be perfectly happy listening to nothing but bands that came out of Detroit and Austin if I absolutely had to. I grew up immersed in the sounds of one city, and can day trip to the other, but even if I […]

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